Wanda Mcfadden All Burial Records

Laurel County, Kentucky
McFadden Cemetery
Laurel County, Kentucky
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New Shamrock Cemetery
Red River County, Texas
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Sumter, SC
Westminster Presbyterian Cemetery
N. Brewington Rd, Gable, South Carolina 29505
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Philadelphia, PA
Holy Sepulchre Cemetery
3301 W. Cheltenham Ave, Cheltenham, Pennsylvania 19150
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Christian Home Baptist Church Cemetery
Chester, South Carolina
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Steelville Cemetery
Steelville, Missouri
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Abilene Municipal Cemetery
1133 Cottonwood St, Abilene, Texas 79601
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Municipal Cemetery
Orchard Dr, Mesa, Colorado
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Lakewood Cemetery
Minneapolis, Minnesota
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(Died 1925)
Green Hill Cemetery
Bedford, Indiana
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