Sally Stuart All Burial Records

Somerset, PA
Chestnut Grove Cemetery
831 Dranesville Rd, Herndon, Virginia
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Bethany Christian Church Cemetery
Burton, Texas
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Fort Myers Memorial Gardens
1589 Colonial Blvd, Fort Myers, Florida 33907
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Kern River Valley Cemetery
Wofford Heights, California
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Knoxville Cemetery
Knoxville, Arkansas
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United States Naval Academy Cemetery
Annapolis, Maryland
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Old Rondo Cemetery
Miller County, Arkansas
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Grace Hill Cemetery
Longview, Texas
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North Bend Cemetery
North Bend, Pennsylvania
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Abingdon, VA
Russell Memorial Cemetery
Lebanon, Virginia
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Dallas County, Alabama
Giles Cemetery
Scooba, Mississippi
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Inglewood Park Cemetery
Inglewood, California
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Imlay Cemetery
Imlay City, Michigan
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(Died 1914)
Davidson Cemetery
Davidson, Oklahoma
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Bethesda Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Rockbridge Baths, Virginia
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Osceola Cemetery
Elmira, Illinois
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(Died 1882)
New Hampshire
Pine Grove Cemetery
Brownfield, Maine
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(Died 1879)
Eaton Center, NH
Thompson and Leavitt Cemetery
Carroll County, New Hampshire
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(Died 1863)
Simonsville Cemetery
Simonsville, Vermont
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Highland Cemetery
2167 Dixie Hwy, Fort Mitchell, Kentucky 41017
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(Died 1849)
South Cemetery
Bridgewater, Connecticut
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(Died 1842)
Chesterfield, MA
Stockham Hill Cemetery
Schlicht Rd, Fabius, New York
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(Died 1816)
Stuart-Rowe Cemetery
Newport, Maine
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Pine Island Cemetery
Norwalk, Connecticut
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