Elizabeth Kist All Burial Records

Linton Cemetery
Linton, North Dakota
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(Died 1950)
Riverside Cemetery
3607 Pearl Rd, Cleveland, Ohio 44109
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(Died 1943)
Greenwood Cemetery
5200 Canal Blvd, New Orleans, Louisiana 70124
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Oaklawn Cemetery
4801 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville, Florida 32207
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Saint Joseph Cemetery
Cambria County, Pennsylvania
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Claquato Cemetery
PO Box 1443, Chehalis, Washington 98532
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(Died 1919)
Saint Joseph Cemetery
Cambria County, Pennsylvania
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(Died 1917)
Saints Philip and James Cemetery
Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri
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(Died 1911)
Fernwood Cemetery
Henderson, Kentucky
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Saint Mary's Cemetery
4000 Mount Troy Rd, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15214
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(Died 1900)
Calvary Cemetery
1625 Calvary Dr, Kettering, Ohio 45409
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(Died 1895)
Clarence Fillmore Cemetery
Clarence, New York
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(Died 1848)
Vernon Cemetery
Vernon Asbury Road (Township Road 358) And Vernon Catawba Road (Township Rd, Catawba, Ohio 43044
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Shiloh Methodist Cemetery
Avon, Indiana
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