Carolina Lehman All Burial Records

Lindenwood Cemetery
Fort Wayne, Indiana
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Commerce, MO
Calvary Cemetery and Mausoleum
5239 West Florissant Ave, Saint Louis, Missouri 63115
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Lewistown City Cemetery
Lewistown, Montana
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Park Cemetery
801 Baker Blvd, Carthage, Missouri
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(Died 1924)
Midvale City Cemetery
Midvale, Utah
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Montgomery, MN
Saint John Lutheran Cemetery
Montgomery, Minnesota
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Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum
118 Woodland Ave, Dayton, Ohio 45409
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Monroe Street Cemetery
3207 Monroe St, Cleveland, Ohio
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Saint Joseph Cemetery
Saint Leon, Indiana
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(Died 1895)
Saint Johns Pioneer Cemetery
Glandorf, Ohio
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(Died 1881)
Salem United Cemetery
Higginsville, Missouri
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