C. Stuart All Burial Records

Dexter Cemetery
1001-1099 Cemetery Dr, Dexter, Missouri 63841
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Forest Grove Cemetery
Lebanon, Maine
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Saint Marys Cemetery
Greenwich, Connecticut
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Brookview Cemetery
125 Hopewell Rd, Rising Sun, Maryland
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First Presbyterian Cemetery
415 Ave, Bellevue, Iowa 52031
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Bethany Methodist Church Cemetery
Dlo, Mississippi
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Armstrong-Buckley Cemetery
Simpson County, Mississippi
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Sand Flat Cemetery
Grand Saline, Texas
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Tempe Double Butte Cemetery
2505 West Broadway Rd, Tempe, Arizona 85282
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Boston, MA
Dell Park Cemetery
Natick, Massachusetts
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(Died 1900)
Union Cemetery
East 28 Ter, Kansas City, Missouri 64108
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(Died 1894)
Fairview Cemetery
Joplin, Missouri
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Ozan Cemetery
Hempstead County, Arkansas
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Mountain Cemetery
90 1 St West, Sonoma, California
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Kuykendall Family Farm Cemetery
Phillipstown, Illinois
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Washington Soldiers Home Cemetery
Orting, Washington
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Garfield Cemetery
Calhoun County, Iowa
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Oak Grove Cemetery
1613 Park Ave, Paducah, Kentucky
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